GPU-based View Interpolation for Smooth Camera Transitions in Soccer


Authors: Patrik Goorts, Sammy Rogmans, Philippe Bekaert

Language: English

Year: 2013

Presented on: GPU Technology Conference 2013 (GTC 2013)


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We present a system, capable of synthesizing free viewpoint video for smooth camera transitions in soccer scenes. The broadcaster can choose any camera viewpoint between the real, fixed cameras. This way, action can be followed across the field in a smooth manner, a frozen image or a replay can be viewed from multiple angles, and the broadcasted image can be transitioned from one to the other side of the field in a smooth manner to avoid orientation-related confusion of the viewers. We use a real-time image-based approach completely running on GPUs; no detailed geometry of the scene is required. Once running, the setup fully automatically generates the requested view; no other user intervention is required.