• New visual coding exploration in MPEG: Super-MultiView and Free Navigation in Free viewpoint TV
  • Multi-view wide baseline depth estimation robust to sparse input sampling
  • Omnidirectional Free Viewpoint Video using Panoramic Light Fields
  • Nonuniform Depth Distribution Selection with Discrete Fourier Transform


  • Real-Time Edge-Sensitive Local Stereo Matching with Iterative Disparity Refinement
  • Automatic Calibration of Soccer Scenes Using Feature Detection
  • Multi-Camera Epipolar Plane Image Feature Detection for Robust View Synthesis


  • Optimal Distribution of Computational Power in Free Viewpoint Interpolation by Depth Hypothesis Density Adaptation in Plane Sweeping (Paper)
  • Iterative Refinement for Real-time Local Stereo Matching (Paper)
  • Free Viewpoint Video for Soccer using Histogram-Based Validity Maps in Plane Sweeping (Details)
  • A qualitative comparison of MPEG view synthesis and light field rendering (Paper)
  • Self-Calibration of Large Scale Camera Networks (Paper)
  • Tile Tracker: A Practical and Inexpensive Positioning System for Mobile AR Applications (Paper) (Poster)
  • Real-time Local Stereo Matching using Edge Sensitive Adaptive Windows (Paper)
  • Plane Sweeping in Eye-gaze Corrected, Tele-immersive 3D Video Conferencing (Paper)


  • Bringing 3D vision to the web: Acquiring motion parallax using commodity cameras and WebGL (Details)
  • Optimization of Free Viewpoint Interpolation by Applying Adaptive Depth Plane Distributions in Plane Sweeping (Details)
  • Scalable optical tracking for navigating large virtual environments using spatially encoded markers (Details)
  • GPU-based View Interpolation for Smooth Camera Transitions in Soccer (Details)
  • Real-time Video-Based View Interpolation of Soccer Events using Depth-Selective Plane Sweeping (Details)


  • An End-to-end system for Free Viewpoint Video for Smooth Camera Transitions (Details)
  • Raw Camera Image Demosaicing using Finite Impulse Response Filtering on Commodity GPU Hardware using CUDA (Details)
  • ARDO: Automatic Removal of Dynamic Objects (Details)
  • HeatMeUp: a 3DUI Serious Game to Explore Collaborative Wayfinding (Details)


  • Look Mother, Virtual Puzzling Without Buttons! (Details)


  • Practical examples of GPU computing optimization principles (Details)


  • Optimal Data Distribution for Versatile Finite Impulse Response Filtering on Next-Generation Graphics Hardware using CUDA (Details)


  • Bachelorthesis - Moving a mouse without a mouse (2007) (Details)
  • Masterthesis - Mooie resultaten met weinig moeite: Dieptemappen met stroke-based invoer (2009) (Details)